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Mobility Series

Course Length: One Month
Frequency: Twice a Week
Duration: 1hr
Mode: Online

Mobility is our joints' ability to move actively through a range of motion. 

When it comes to mobility ---  you move it or lose it :)


A lot of people work strength and flexibility as 2 SEPARATE entities but to keep our joints young and supple, we must work BOTH synergistically. This concept is called mobility.

Working flexibility AND strength together, a.k.a, mobility will leave you less injury prone, less sore the next day and makes your movement performance a whole lot stronger and more efficient. The body turns "smarter".


Through this Mobility Series:


  • Strengthen your yoga practice

  • Improve hip mobility for weight training at the gym

  • Get you closer to your goal of front or middle splits

  • Target perpetually tight hips, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors!

  • Improve body awareness..and much more! 



Note: This program will be modified/advanced to all levels but is not recommended for complete beginners to movement. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the program!

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