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Group Classes

We have a variety of online and offline offerings here at unleash. Explore all our current class offerings below!


Get access to our in-studio and zoom sessions. To reserve a space in any of our classes listed BELOW, you must have an active pass. Contact us to buy a pass and reserve your session today! 


Detoxifying Twists 

This all level class is a sequence of postures that will open the chest, shoulders and back, by challenging your strength and balance while rotating the torso.


Recommended: A strap/scarf/belt

I bend so I don’t break 

A sequence of yoga-inspired drills and postures to safely explore backbends and side-bends. 


Recommended: Blocks, strap, Wall

Happy Hips & Hamstrings 


This open-level endurance building class is inspired by Hatha Yoga. We will hold asana's (Yoga postures) for longer periods of time focusing on open hips and closed hip postures. You will leave class feeling energized and released, especially in the hips and hamstrings. 

Mobility Hour 


Mobility is essentially our joints ability to move actively through a range of motion.


When it comes to mobility --- it’s either you move it or lose it :) The problem is that a lot of people work strength and flexibility as 2 SEPARATE entities whereas to keep our joints young and supple, we must work BOTH synergistically. This concept is called mobility.



This class breaks you out of your normal movement patterns to explore how mobility can:


1. Strengthen your yoga practice

2. Improve hip mobility for weight training at the gym

3. Get you closer to your goal of front or middle splits

4. Target perpetually tight hips, hamstrings, glutes and hip flexors!

5. Improve body awareness..and much more! 

Note: This program will be modified/advanced to all levels but is not recommended for complete beginners to movement.


Recommended: Blocks

Peak Pose: Splits 

This open-level flexibility training class specifically focuses on mobility exercises for your lower body (hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and your inner thighs.

Recommended: Block(s)

Strength Drills for Arm Balances/Inversions 

Work through a series of upper and lower body-weight only drills that will intelligently prepare your body to recruit the necessary muscles for your arm balances and inversions! Over time, these drills will get you stronger and more mobile in those sticky joints (Read: Hips, shoulders, etc)!


Recommended: Blocks, Wall

Creative Flow 


Our signature creative flow classes comprise strength and flexibility drills, yoga-inspired movement to build up to a final flow. Adding your own flair and your own sensuality to these moving meditations, is encouraged!


Note: These classes uses arm balances and more advanced flexibility poses to derive the final flow, so this class is recommended for experienced practitioners or those that have been with us for a couple of weeks. 

Peak Pose

In these peak pose classes, we select challenging final pose(s) and will work through a sequence that will prepare and warm up the body to safely get there.


Peak pose classes will be made suitable for all levels or in more advanced classes, for more experienced practioners. 

Go Upside-Down: Journey through inversions and arm-balances 


We will work through a sequence of strength and flexibility drills to prepare the body for inversions like headstand, forearm stand, etc. It doesn't matter if you don't hit the inversion - you'll still prepare the body with the necessary core awareness and alignment to go upside-down! Come with an open-mind!


Requirements: A wall, no neck or shoulder injuries. Blocks/books are recommended as well. 

Standing Balances

Find your strength and stability as we ground ourselves into earth with challenging standing postures. We think of balancing as balancing in a handstand or a crow pose. What about standing on one foot? These alignment focused classes will get you to explore a new set of postures and come out of class feeling open and energetic!


Please have a strap, block and wall around you.

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