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Our Ethos


At Unleash, we want you to find the truest, rawest form of yourself. We've built a safe space for anyone who feels like they’ve been throttled from taking creative risks, for anyone who’s felt locked away from the deepest expressions of themselves - whether that expression is  artistic, sensual, love or something else that they yearn to be. 


For many of us, movement, is like magic. It connects us with what many call a more receptive or communal side. Movement is the portal through which many of us connect the puzzle pieces of ourselves and become complete. It is a necessary healing. Unleash was created to provide you the tool and outlets that you need to express yourself in a healthy and positive, self-receptive way.


Maybe you’re curious about being upside down, maybe you want to find more control and flow in your movement. Maybe you want to unlock a specific movement or you just want to try something new and challenging — When you spend time with us, you’ll evolve. You will unleash parts of yourself yet unknown. Your strength will surface. And you will own every part of it. 

The Team


Teja Shah - Founder

A mixed-movement approach with a specialization in vinyasa and hatha yoga, pilates, mobility and a body-weight only strengthening approach.

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Sagar Londhe- Partner

Founder of Exstream Parkour. Specializing in acrobatics, parkour and free-running. Experience his sessions here.

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Saurabh Hejib - Partner

Co-Founder of Exstream Parkour

UI/UX Designer 

Specialization in bar motion

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Dr. Payal Mehta - Partner


MPT - Orthopaedics (Sports Rehabilitation)

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